BMDH Photo Competition 2017 

Sparkle by Josephine Yeung

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Flowers, bees, butterflies and trees - it's all there in our 2017 BMDH Photo Competition, with 23 winning images selected to be printed and hung in our new hospital faciltiies. 

This year we received more than 120 entries in our competition and our arts committee (including staff, consumers, community represnetatives, artists, project team and our arts team) selected the best of the best for our new hospital facilities. 

You can vote for your favourite in our People's Choice Award. 


Thank you to everyeone who entered this year!

And the winners are...

  • Looking up at Uluru by Braden Hamilton 
  • Water off a Duck's Back by Braden Hamilton
  • Colour by Bronwyn Shannon
  • Colour by Dinesh Subedi
  • Vibrant 2 by Emma Gomez 
  • Vibrant by Emma Gomez 
  • Pure Joy by Geneveive Farrar
  • Colours by Malcolm Cooke 
  • Proud Silk by Malcolm Cooke 
  • Sparkle Therapy by Paeditric Ward Mount Druitt
  • Invitation to Walk by Marily Cintra 
  • Butterfly at Rest by Noel Rowsell 
  • Hayden by Noel Rowsell 
  • Nepalese Prayer Flags by Shivany Vignarajan
  • Colour by Stephen Douglass 
  • Untitled by Stephen Douglass
  • Untitled by Stephen Douglass 
  • Bees on Scottish Thistle by Terry Freeman
  • Butterfly Glory by Terry Freeman 
  • Shine by Josephine Yeung
  • Sparkle by Josephine Yeung
  • Moth by Michelle Gouw 
  • The Boardwalk by Michelle Gouw


2017 Special Mention - thank you for your entries!

  • Bernadette Khoury
  • Amanda Clarke
  • Bernadette Khoury
  • Bharati Mehta
  • Caraine Sullivan
  • Dinesh Subedi
  • Gracie Borg
  • Jan Hookkee
  • Jessica Boam
  • Krissie Scettro
  • Antoin Farag
  • Neha Mehta-D’Souza
  • Peter Hadjimichael
  • Reema Randhawa
  • Susan Avery
  • Trish Dalgleish
  • Karamjit Kaur
  • Jennifer Lohan


Who benefits?

This year, selected images will be printed and framed for display in the new Stage 2 facilities at Mount Druitt Hospital.

You entries will bring some COLOUR and JOY to our dialysis, imaging and surgical areas, as well as to other parts of the hospital.

These facilities are now under construction and will be completed in mid 2017. 

Where can I see my photos?

You can see all the entries in our online gallery at




Gerbera by Elizabeth Spencer

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2017 Entries


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