B47 In-Centre Haemodialysis

Blacktown Hospital will open a new in-centre haemodialysis unit in March for people who need to continue their regular dialysis treatments while they are in-patients or outpatients in our hospital.  

The existing service on B28 will relocate from the current ward into a newly refurbished space called B47 In-Centre, with more treatment areas and a bright, welcoming, patient-friendly design. 

If you are a dialysis patient or carer, your healthcare team will advise you about arrangements for the new ward. 

B47 In-centre Haemodialysis is part of our $700 million Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals Expansion Project (BMDH Project), providing more services closer to home for our local community. 


Same quality care, same dedicated team, bright new facility

Mount Druitt Community Dialysis Centre

Artist impression Mt Druitt Community Dialysis

Opening 2017, our new centre at Mount Druitt will make life easier for the local community by providing dialysis treatment closer to home - part of our expansion of dialysis services to support the growing health care needs of our community