Blacktown Paediatrics

Mount Druitt Hospital’s paediatric services are regarded as one of the best in NSW for their high quality of care, easy access and family-centred approach.

Paediatrics was consolidated at Mount Druitt Hospital in 2004, but the growing population and high number of babies, children and young adults in the area has created a need for more services locally.

Paediatric services currently located at Mount Druitt will expand to Blacktown Hospital with a new paediatric emergency, in-patient unit and outpatients.

The change is part of Blacktown Hospital’s expansion into a major tertiary hospital for Western Sydney, which can provide more services to its rapidly growing population.

The umbrella of care

Services will be delivered under an “umbrella” of care in a partnership between Blacktown Hospital, Mount Druitt Hospital, Integrated & Community Health, and The Children’s Hospital, Westmead.

Working closely together under this umbrella approach will make it easier for our services to coordinate with each other, and for parents and caregivers to manage their child’s care at every stage.  
Most services will be available locally, close to home, to reduce the need to travel out of the area for treatment.

Paediatrics at Mount Druitt Hospital will continue to provide emergency, inpatient and outpatients services. The in-patient ward has recently been updated with a multi-purpose clinical therapies room, a parent/carer lounge and kitchen, and the garden will be replanted and updated soon.

When the new Acute Services Building opens at Blacktown Hospital in mid-2019, Blacktown paediatric services will open in stages with capacity for in-patients, clinics and children's emergency. 

Some surgery is currently performed at Blacktown Hospital, but most paediatric surgery is currently conducted at The Children’s Hospital, Westmead, due to the special needs of children and their families. The addition of a dedicated paediatric surgical services at Blacktown means more options for surgery closer to home. 

Paediatric services at Blacktown and Mount Druitt will be delivered as a single service, with staff working across both facilities to ensure continuity of care.

More choice for families

Under the umbrella of care, families in the local Blacktown-Mount Druitt area will have the choice of going to their closest hospital for paediatric emergencies, and to stay within the area for clinics and admissions, and most paediatric surgery.

As services open in stages, children with chronic and complex conditions who previously had to travel to Westmead for care will be able to have most of their care locally.

High level and tertiary services (such as transplants, heart surgery and most cancer treatment) will be available at The Children’s Hospital, Westmead.

Parents and caregivers will, of course, still be able to choose to go to Westmead Hospital’s Emergency Department, or other specialty services. A new paediatric emergency department is currently under construction at Westmead as part of the extensive redevelopment, and will be completed in 2020.


Mount Druitt Hospital paediatrics

  • Emergency Department with dedicated paediatric service and paediatric resuscitation
  • Children’s Ward with 12 beds (inpatient medical unit)
  • Outpatients clinics for service including audiology, eye clinic, allergy and specialist clinics
  • Outreach services to continue care from hospital to home, check progress and review patients, and to connect families with their GP or specialist services if required
  • MRI (admitted patients) and other imaging and pathology services
  • Play therapy to reduce stress and anxiety
  • New IKEA Room – parent/carer retreat and kitchen completed with support from IKEA Marsden Park living Local grant
  • Outdoor garden and play area upgrade currently being planned including new landscaping
  • New multi-purpose room on the ward for services such as food, allergy skin prick tests.

Blacktown Hospital paediatrics - opening in stages from 2019

In the Emergency Department, level 2 opening in stages with capacity for:
  •  Paediatric Emergency with 12 beds including four acute beds, four fast track and four short stay)
  • Paediatric plaster and treatment room, shared ENT (ear, nose throat) room
  • Waiting and play area (separate to adult emergency)
  • Short Stay Unit (up to 22 hours) with four beds located in Emergency for children who need a short episode of care – short stay helps avoid unnecessary hospital admission and families can be discharged directly from Emergency Department
New paediatric surgical services, operating theatres level 3 opening in stages with capacity for:
  • Surgical services – elective and emergency services including orthopaedics, ENT (ear, nose and throat) and general surgery in the new operating theatre suite, acute services building level 3
  • Pre-admission clinic to prepare children for surgery, including a ward tour to help reduce stress and anxiety
Paediatrics level 8, opening in stages with capacity for:
  • Eight one-bed rooms
  • Six two-bed rooms
  • Spacious patient rooms with en suite and carer zone - all patient beds have an adjacent day lounge which provides a comfortable bed at night for a parent or carer
  • Therapies room
  • Indoor play room
  • Outdoor terrace
  • Quiet zone for younger children; recreation area and study for adolescents
  • Play therapy to help reduce stress and anxiety
  • Arts and culture projects to create a welcoming, family-friendly environment
  • Consultation, procedure, assessment and treatment rooms
  • For procedures including intravenous therapies and food challenges
Other services currently being planned
  • Support services for young people with chronic conditions who are transitioning to adult care.
  • Community Outreach Services
  • Hospital in the Home  - services provided in the family home as an alternative to a hospital stay. Hospital in The Home is especially beneficial for children with chronic or complex conditions such as cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy or severe disabilities, where frequent hospital admissions can be reduced by providing services in their own home environment.
  • Access to other services such as weight management and mental health services.
  • MRI and other imaging and diagnostic services
  • Increased provision of education programs for parents e.g. asthma education

Your choices now

As a parent or caregiver, you can currently choose to go to the Emergency Department at Mount Druitt Hospital, Blacktown Hospital or The Children’s Hospital, Westmead.

If your child needs to be admitted to hospital, or have a day procedure, facilities are available at Mount Druitt Hospital or The Children’s Hospital, Westmead. Your health care team will discuss this with you.

In case of life-threatening emergency, call 000.

Next generation care for your child

From mid-2019, paediatric services will also be available at Blacktown Hospital - services will open in stages. 

Closer to the time, we will let you know what is available via social media and our website, through the hospital, in local media and through your health care so you can make an informed choice about your child’s care.

Ideally, we would like your child’s healthcare to be provided as close to home as possible, either at Blacktown Hospital or Mount Druitt Hospital, but you may still need to go to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead for some high level speciality services.

Contact us

Blacktown Hospital 9881 8000
Mount Druitt Hospital 9881 1555

We’re Growing! BMDH Project

The new facilities are services are being delivered as part of the NSW Government’s $700 million Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals Expansion Project (BMDH Project).
Stay up-to-date with us via:
Twitter @BMDHProject
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For staff

Our paediatric team currently located at Mount Druitt Hospital is expanding to create the new service. The expansion will offer staff more opportunities for training, education, research and professional development, which will help us attract and retain valuable healthcare staff.

A major workforce program called Work Out West is currently underway to attract more staff, and there is a comprehensive plan to educate and train existing staff in paediatrics best practice. Mentoring, education, work placements and other strategies are also being planned to upskill staff and create a confident paediatric team.  

For staff, contemporary activity-based workspaces on each floor of the new Acute Services Building at Blacktown will provide easy access to administrative areas for write-ups, review, training, education, meetings and other non-clinical tasks.

Project Snapshot

Early works start: 2016
Construction start: 2017
Construction now: Underway
Construction complete: Mid 2019
Architect: Jacobs
Project Manager: Health Infrastructure/Johnstaff projects
Builder: AW Edwards
Budget: part of the $700 million BMDH Project