Blacktown Girls X Muralisto


Above: Muralisto artist Xander workshopping ideas with Blacktown Girls High School art extension students


A vibrant new mural at the hospital car park entry will celebrate the colour, energy and diversity of Blacktown.

The mural will be created by social enterprise collective Muralisto in collaboration with Blacktown Girls High School’s extension arts class, and will be based around themes of “acceptance”, “breaking barriers” and “celebrating uniqueness”.

Students have now participated in two workshops to design the mural as part of the school’s extension art class

Teacher Adriana Crous said the workshop was a “great opportunity” for students to see how a design is created, and to introduce them to career opportunities in the creative arts.


Above: Xander and Zoe from Muralisto with feedback from the workshop

About Muralisto

Muralisto creates socially engaged public art through community using an inclusive process from concept to completion, and champions the designing of public spaces with diverse communities in mind.

We envision a vibrant world where colourful cities encourage human connection and shared spaces are shaped by the stories that inspire future generations, celebrate diversity and empower the individual.

We consistently work with youth from diverse backgrounds in consultation and workshop to ensure we deliver projects and opportunities that provide new platforms for expression, contribution and empowerment in the public art space.

ARTIST: Muralisto

PARTNERS: Blacktown Girls High School

LOCATION: Blacktown Hospital, car park entry lower ground entry level opposite main entry

STATUS: In development