Call of home

Eels suspended from the ceiling mirror "pool"
Installation of the eels in February 2016
Artist impression Call of Home by Chris Bosse and Leanne Tobin
Glass artist Ben Edols creating an eel for the sculpture in his Canberra studio
Minister for Health Jillian Skinner (right) views a prototype of the glass eels at the NSW Health Symposium 2015
Local artist Leanne Tobin and Water Cube architect Chris Bosse have collaborated with glass artist Ben Edols to create a visionary sculpture for the foyer of our clinical services building.
Featuring more than 80 suspended handblown glass eels, the sculpture represents a moment in the astonishing life cycle of the eels in our local rivers.
The work is on display in the main foyer of Blacktown Hospital. 

Project snapshot  

Name: The Call of Home
Location: Hospital street, new main entry of Blacktown Hospital
Artists: Leanne Tobin and Chris Bosse
Fabrication: Ben Edols, glass artist
Installation: Big Kahuna
Coordination: Health and Arts Research Centre
Materials: Handblown glass, steel, wire and mirror
Date: 2016

Many Colours

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