starry, starry night...

Artist Malcolm Cooke working on the African mosaic
Child care kids Harper, Edward & Oliver create their stars
Coolamon Cottage child care kids see their section of the mosaic seat for the first time
A section of seat being created by Malcolm Cooke in 2015
Part of the celestial dragon from the Chinese mosaic
The tiles being installed on the seat
Mosaic artist Malcolm Cooke
Child care kids Oliver and Aaron check out their handiwork
Women from the WASH House with their design
Reflecting the diversity of Blacktown, local communities have worked with artists to create a design inspired by the starry night.
The works on paper were rendered in mosaic by artist Malcolm Cooke to create a unique seating area for the main foyer at Blacktown Hospital.
The seat was created by members of the local Chinese, African and Baha’i communities, children from our Coolamon Cottage Child Care Centre, hospital staff and women from the local WASH (Women’s Activities and Self Help House) at Mount Druitt.
The community’s original designs are now being rendered into mosaic by artist Malcolm Cook.


Project snapshot

Name: The Many Colours of Blacktown
Location: Hospital street, new main entry of Blacktown Hospital
Artists (design): Chinese community, African community, Baha’i community, Coolamon Cottage child care centre, WASH House, Blacktown Hospital staff
Artist (mosaic): Malcolm Cooke
Coordination: Health and Arts Research Centre
Materials: Concrete seat with mosaic tile
Opened: April 2016

More about our project

The Many Colours of Blacktown and Mount Druitt is our stage 1 arts and culture project.

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