When will the new Blacktown Hospital clinical services building open?

The lower levels for cancer centre, ante-natal clinics, main entry, wards and retail will open in April 2016.

Is Mount Druitt Hospital going to close?

No. There are no plans to close Mount Druitt Hospital, in fact the NSW GOvernment has just competed Stage 1 of expansion there including more dental, emergency and rehabilitaiton facilities as well as upgrades for sterilising, power and other infrstructure to support growing services. Stage 2 plannig is considering the need for increased surgical capacity, new dialysis spaces to meet growing demand, increased medical imaging and expanded drug health services.

When will Stage 2 start?

Stage 2 at Blacktown and Mount Druitt hospitals is currently a planning project - we should have more information in 2016 after the NSW GOvernment has had a chance to consider all the planning options. 

Will there be more parking?

Additional parking is being considered as part of the next stage of expansion at Blacktown Hospital - we should know more about this in 2016.

Will there be more beds at Blacktown?

Yes, there will be more inpatient beds to manage increased demand for hospital services due to our rapidly growing population. People are living longer with chronic and complex conditions, which is also increasing demand for services. But as well as more inpatient beds, we'll also be considering ways to keep people out of hospital, reduce the length of hospital stays, and expand outpatient (ambulatory care) services and services offered in the home.

Will staff be involved in the planning?

Yes, more than 500 clinicians, other staff and community members have already been consulted about the Stage 2 expansion. Doctors, nurses, allied health and support staff will continue to be involved in planning.

Do patients and community members get a say in planning?

Yes, we are also talking to patients, carers, visitors and volunteers about the project. If you would like to be involved, visit our Get Involved page.