be a consumer rep

It's important to us that healthcare services meet the needs of the people who use them.

Working together as partners to see things from each other's point of view is a vital part of designing and building new healthcare facilities.

We're inviting consumers, community members and other project stakeholders (such as local residents, businesses, government organisations and community groups) to help us transform our hospitals by getting involved in our planning and having  a say.

We’d like to know which services you think should be provided in hospital, and which should be provided in the community or at home?

What could make the hospital experience better for patients and carers?

What should our healthcare priorities be?

Would you like to help us grow a better healthcare service?
We’re looking for motivated people who are interested in participating in our consumer and community participation program.

Just print and complete our BMDH Participation Form and return it to us. The contact details are on the back!

Download the form, call us on 1800 155 122 or  or email us at


Be a consumer rep

Have your say in the design of new facilities and help us design better healthcare.

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How consumer reps help

Feedback from patients, carers and community members has shaped the design of our new facilities. From overnight carer accommodation to wider doors and patient lounges, see how consumers helped us design the new spaces.

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