New approach benefits respiratory patients

ICU patient Keith transferred to care on the respiratory ward thanks to a new hospital initiative

Patients with severe respiratory illnesses can now be cared for on a ward instead of intensive care thanks to a new initiative from our respiratory team. 

The new acute respiratory unit on C72 at Blacktown Hospital provides high level care in a specially modified ward designed with staff to support the new model of care. 

“We designed our new ward to accommodate some types of patients who would previously have been restricted to intensive care,” explained respiratory physician Dr Mohan Nagarajah.

“Patients are still getting the close observation and treatment, but in a more normalised ward setting so it’s less confronting.

“There are also significant advantages for staff with more opportunities for professional development and training for nurses, doctors and allied health professionals," Mohan said. 

The new ward design accommodates BiPAP machines for non-invasive ventilation, high flow oxygen therapy, telemetry, and blood gas sampling, and nurses stations were designed to allow maximum patient observation.  

"The change allows us to expedite transfers out of intensive care and improve the patient experience," Mohan said.

"It's been a real collaboration between our doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and administrative teams, and we're already seeing the benefits to patients."  


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