Health Roundtable award for digital kiosks

BMDH Project's digital kiosks have won a Health Roundtable award in Brisbane.

Called "Check In and Chill Out", the presentation by Leanne Everist and Sushma Prasad showcased the hospital's digital check-in systm which has markedly improved the experience of outpatient clinics.  

"Patients waiting for clinic appointments face a number of challenges which can greatly detract from their hospital experience. Challenges such as waiting in queues to register their arrival for the appointment, waiting in often noisy and crowded waiting rooms for their appointments or delayed appointments due to the fact that a patient has left room to go to bathroom, or get something to eat or drink," said project leader Leanne Everist. 

"With the installation of new digital kiosks, patients can swipe their Medicare card at the kiosk to check into their clinic.

"They can choose to enter a mobile phone number to receive an SMS alert when it is close to their turn.
If they enter their mobile phone number they can wait anywhere in the hospital including in the courtyards or cafés – swipe and chill!" she said. 

Hospital Volunteers are also on hand to help them with the kiosks.

"Check-in kiosks may seem like a minor change in the grand scheme of things but they can make a big difference to the waiting experience for a patient attending a clinic appointment, and that is not a small thing to them," Leanne said. 

"This innovation was adopted beause we listened to what frustrated our consumers and detracted from their experience, then looked for a solution for the issues they raised."

Leanne said the kiosks are used by people of all ages and cultures - they have menus in English and in the most common local community languages. 

"Digital kiosks have really improved the experience of hospital, and reduced waiting times. And we proved that age is not a barrier to innovation or technology."

The project has now won 13 awards for its innovation, design, arts and consumer engagement. 

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