Blacktown P1 car park extension now open

Blacktown Hospital's new P1 multi-storey car park extension is now open and Tigger (pictured above) has given it the stamp (or should that be tyre mark?) of approval.

Tigger was one of the first cars in the car park this morning. Owner Bel reports that Tigger loved the green lights parking guidance system, and there was plenty of space!

Please drive slowly and carefully while we're getting used to the changes.

What you need to know:
  • Use the green lights to find the next available car parking space
  • Use the blue lights to find the next available disabled car parking space
  • There are more lifts, and stairs if you want to choose to add to your daily step count
  • Drive at the speed limit and check for cars around you as traffic flow has changed
  • For concession parking validation visit the car park office in the pedestrian entry foyer
  • There is no change to parking costs or entitlements
  • There is no change to concessional parking.

I need the:


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