David's Story for International Nurses Day

"How did I get into nursing – that’s a good question! I started nursing in 1993 at St George Hospital as a new graduate. So I’ve been a nurse for 25 years now in different areas and roles, clinical and management, including operating theatres and recovery, general wards, surgical high dependency, and ultimately in emergency, which is where I found my home, and I loved it.

You get to make a difference early when someone is distressed – when they are in acute pain, unwell or they are upset about whatever is going on in that moment. You can see the results and you can see how effective it is to be a good clinician and make a difference for patients and their families. I liked the team atmosphere with nurses, doctors, allied health and the general support staff all working together.

I got into the project after doing clinical redesign and project management training in 2011. I was the NUM at Mount Druitt Emergency at the time and the Director of Nursing stopped by and asked if I'd like to do this project for a year or so. That was six years ago.

Working on the project is great. We work in a small but very cohesive team. We get a lot of things done and we have fun doing it. We work all over the place, with almost every department and that adds a lot of vibrancy to the working environment, getting to see and understand how other people work – getting to understand their perspective and coming up with solutions that work for them.

I’m fascinated with how the architects create the design, how the engineers design the services, how the builders put something so complex like the acute services building together so quickly and efficiently. To work with a foot in each camp – one on the builders’ side and one on the clinicians’ side – is a unique experience for me. It’s one of the highlights of the job. 

I’m into bike riding and exercising, and I do lots of activities with my kids at home, but also reading and watching TV to chill out after work."

David Glastonbury, project officer, talks to us for International Nurses Day 2018

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