Jenny's Story - celebrating International Nurses Day 2018

"I always wanted to be a nurse. I started nursing straight out of school at Western Suburbs Hospital but then I had a break when my son was born and I restarted at Westmead.

I’ve worked in a number of different hospitals around Sydney. My specialty is intensive care. I was doing special projects in the hospital when the building project began and they needed a fixtures, fittings and equipment manager.

They thought I had the right skills with my clinical background so I would know what was best for the staff, and how to ensure we get the best equipment for the staff and patients.

We’ll be ordering about 34,000 items for stage 2, and there would have been about that many on stage 1 as well.

We’ve bought some big things like the linear accelerators for radiation therapy down to tiny things like brackets for suction bottles. We consult very widely so if you’ve got an opinion, we’d love to hear it! We’ve had discussions on everything from toilet seats and toilet paper dispensers to ECGs.

One of the biggest challenges is connectivity into the future and the way we’re going electronic. Information technology becomes redundant very quickly but we’re setting the pace with digital hospital concept and lots of other facilities are watching us to see where we are going next.

We’re happy to share that information so other projects can step up, too. What I like best is seeing it all come together at the end. It’s all about improving patient care.

I like to relax by grandmothering. I go canoeing and horseriding, and I like chilling out in front of the tele."

Jenny Saunders, FF&E Manager, celebrating International Nurses Day 2018

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