Julia's story - celebrating International Nurses Day

We have nurses on every part of our project. This is Julia's story for International Nurses Day 2018.

"I’m the workforce development manager for the district, working on the expansion at Blacktown and the redevelopment at Westmead. I’ve been a nurse for 26 years.  I fell into nursing actually but it must have been the right decision because I stuck with it.

I trained at Charles Sturt and my first clinical placement was at Broken Hill Hospital. It was an adventure being a first year student, being away from home, being in a remote area, and having that first experience of hospital. It was a very steep learning curve as nurse, an individual and a young adult.

The one thing I remember is working with an elderly lady, and the time I spent with her was really valuable. It was the moment when I thought, I‘ve done with right thing. I always think very fondly of that first experience.


My first graduate placement was as a mental health nurse. It was scary and challenging, but I stayed there 20 years because I was always interested in the patients. I found myself in a lot of ethical dilemmas and it was very complex. I can’t talk about a lot of it, and I don’t have my photo taken for that reason.

Now I’m with the expansion project helping develop our workforce. Once the buildings are built, that part is done, but how do we maintain it? It’s all about the people, and that’s why workforce is so important. We have to recruit hundreds of staff for our new facilities – nurses, doctors, allied health and support staff. It’s a very exciting time for someone looking for a career in health.


I relax by listening to heavy metal music – Metallica, Five Finger Death Punch, Black Sabbath. I’ve got the best music collection. I have a long drive to and from work every day, so I do all my thinking and planning in the car. By the time I get to work, I’m ready to hit the ground running. On the way home, I turn up the music and all my work worries are gone by the time I get home. "

Julia, Workforce Development Manager, talked to us for International Nurses Day 2018

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