Super Models

Models of care are changing at Blacktown Hospital as we prepare to move into the new acute services building next year. Behind the scenes, hundreds of clinicians and support staff are leading that change.

One of the major changes will be in surgery and anaesthetics. 

“With eight new digital operating theatres and a hybrid imaging theatre, Blacktown will have the capacity to perform complex elective surgery,” said Ces Aguilar Divisional Nurse Manager Surgery & Anaesthetics. 

“We’ll have paediatrics, as well as expanding general surgery and orthopaedics, planning has started in establishing new services related to zascular (interventional) surgery, urology/oncology and we have the opportunity to be the centre of excellence in Metabolic surgery, gastro and those kinds of specialties.” 

Ces said it’s not about competing with other services, but excelling at what we do best. 

“It’s the perfect time for us to be more than just a major tertiary hospital - we can nurture excellence of care in our specialties, keep our strong local identity, and we want to grow without losing the special culture that makes our hospital unique.”

Staff training, upskilling and recruitment is a critical part of the service’s growth, as is growing support services such as sterilising. Interdependencies between emergency department, theatres and intensive care also have an impact, with each service expanding in relation to the other: a larger ED requires expanded theatre capacity; expanded theatres require more capacity in intensive care, with flow-on effects to sterilising. 

Ces said staff are very excited about the growth, but also understand it will be a “massive change”.  

“We want staff to ask lots of questions because that’s the best way to get the discussion going and give everyone a chance to contribute,” she said. 

Local community needs are driving the change, with a growing population and more demand for day only surgery which has less impact on family life. Mount Druitt expansion was completed last year to support its growth in high volume, short-stay surgery and the two hospitals will complement each other. 

Nursing unit manager Judy Dalmati said staff are responding to this need by streamlining the way our hospitals work together. 

"The staff understand that Blacktown and Mount Druitt Hospitals work closely together, and that we service the local community. High acuity care needs will come to Blacktown, and Mount Druitt will focus on day surgery to better servicce our community," Judy said. 

For more information about model of care changes in your department, speak to your manager.

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