Our B2Hub is Blacktown Hospital's first activity-based working unit and has been purpose-built to provide a satisfying, contemporary environment for our staff which supports collaboration, creativity, flexibility, connection and innovation

About B2Hub

The project was originally planned as a traditional office fit-out but a work survey in early 2016 showed that staff on average spent less than 40% of their time sitting at a desk, and there was lack of purpose-built space for collaborative work, private conversations, and focused undisturbed work. Staff also expressed a desire for more contemporary workplaces to help attract and retain staff, and places where they could work in a more flexible, mobile way. 

The space was redesigned with users in 2016 to provde a more modern, IT-enabled and attractive working environment, with room to accommodate more staff in future if needed. 

The B2Hub also provides a base for mobile staff whose jobs require them to work across WSLHD facilities. 

The B2Hub design has been used to plan the new non-clincial support facilities for the acute services building, opening in 2019. These hubs include the support zones for emergency department, intensive care, theatre, maternity, birthing, women's health, paediatrics and newborn care staff. In the acute services building, these areas are connected by light and open internal staricases to create connection between the levels. 

So what's different?

A traditional office usually includes things like offices, open plan desks, meeting rooms and kitchenette faciities. 

ABW workspaces have the best physical setting for whatever kind of work you need to do, when you need to do it. For example, there are quiet zones for focused or private work, Do No Disturb rooms for confidential or uninterrupted work, active zones for everyday work, meeting rooms, social areas and group work areas. 

B2Hub is IT-enabled with Wi-Fi access throughout (even in the courtyard), Air Media for instant connection to audiovisual systems in the meeting rooms, laptop apps for communication and digital connection, and a range of other audiovisual and digital innovations to support mobile working. 

The B2Hub project was user-led from inception to completion. Our staff:
  • Determined the values of collaboration, innovation, creativity, flexibility and connection, and measured every decision they made against these values
  • Worked with architects and planners to design the unit, select the colours and test the furniture
  • Visited other workplaces to learn about design principles, etiquette and transition to new ways of working
  • Developed the workplace etiquettes for the B2Hub
  • Named the workpoints (including the Dr Evil Chairs, Do Not Disturb Rooms, the Phone Booth and the Studio)
  • Adopted paper independence to support a more flexible, mobile way of working.
The B2Hub is located on level 2 at Blacktown Hospital.

Project snapshot B2Hub

Stage: Part of Stage 2
Location: Blacktown Hospital, in refurbished space on level 2
Project partners: Health Infrastructure and Western Sydney Local Health District
Design: Jacobs
Project Management: JSP
Consultants: Veldhoen
Construction: Donnelly constructions
Project start: 2016
Project completion: May 2017
Unit: BMDH Administration and Executive Unit


Visitor Guide

Are you visiting a colleague in B2Hub? B2Hub is an activity-based workplace. There is no reception desk so please ensure you have contact details for your colleague before you arrive. Here are some tips.

Visitor Guide for B2Hub