The new B3Hub for Allied Health at Blacktonw Hospital will be the first activity-based workspace for a clinical team in any Australian hospital. 

Major investment in hospital redevelopments is transforming our clinical areas. Now activity-based working is changing the way we work behind the scenes. 

Activity-based working allows staff to choose the workpoint they need, based on the type of work they need to do. 

Whether meeting with a colleague, or the whole team, catching up on emails, or concentrating on an important report, the hubs have a place for everyone. And if they need to work mobile, activity-based working gives them the freedom to do that too.

We’re creating vibrant, digitally-enabled workspaces to support the way our clinical and non-clinical staff work now and into the future. 

B3Hub transition is currently underway and construction will commence on the new unit later in the year.

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