Mount Druitt Hospital will benefit from a new MRI imaging service delivered as part of BMDH Project Stage 2. 

The MRI is a less invasive diagnostic tool which uses a magnetic field and radio frequencies instead of X-rays to produce images of the body.  MRI is especially good at providing images of the soft tissues, muscles and brain.  MRI can also be used to image the internal organs and joints.

The MRI project includes the new MRI, a purpose-built unit for the MRI machine and a major power upgrade to support the service. 

The new service ensures that Mount Druitt Hospital will continue to expand to serve the local community, and the wider western Sydney area, with more capacity for elective surgery and other services.

For bookings, please call 9881 1696

Project snapshot

Project start: Mid November 2016
Services commenced: September 2017
Design: Jacobs
Major contractor: Fugen
Budget: part of the $700 million BMDH Project
Fast fact: The MRI weighs eight tonnes (roughly the weight of two small elephants)

PM approves MRI licence

MRI Mount Druitt

September 2018: Prime Minister Scott Morrison announces a new MRI licence for Mount Druitt Hospital, removing out-of-pocket expenses for MRI scans in the new unit

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